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In-beTWEEN supplements and breakouts

I have so many Moms asking me at the moment what can be done about their tweens breakouts. It is also difficult for us as we watch them enter this new phase in their lives, having to deal with hormonal changes, physical changes, emotional changes and obviously we would like to do as much as possible to help them navigate through this time.

In my opinion, one of the worst to deal with is the breakouts on the skin. Very few of us survive our tween and teen years completely spot free, usually due to hormonal changes, poor diets and stress. We all know the importance of a balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of water, exercise and good hygiene. We need to tackle the problem taking a holistic approach that involves topical treatment with a good skincare range, managing stress and taking a better look at diet.

However, some of us battle to get enough those fruits and vegies in, and this is where good quality supplements play a vital role.

Sally-Ann Creed was so clever when she put together the In-beTWEEN supplement kit. We have 3 supplements and ALL of them help to overcome breakouts. I am going to chat about each one briefly in relation to skin health.

The first, and most obvious is the SKIN PROTECT. Every single one of the 6 ingredients contribute to skin health. But the pelargonium is antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic by nature. It averts the development of bacteria on wounds and injuries and safeguards you from infections. It also works as an immunity booster due to its antimicrobial effects.

The second supplement is the OH MY! OMEGAS. The omega 3 fish oils – DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are essential fatty acids that are vital for hormones to fully develop. So how does these fatty acids benefit your skin? The omega 3’s make your skin less prone to spots and blemishes. Not only do they benefit the skin by soothing the bodies response to excess sebum and bacteria, they also tackle the cause of the problem by regulating the acne-causing hormones.

The third supplement is the MAGIC MAGNESIUM and the name says it all. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that is required for some of the most basic functions of life including over 600 biological processes in the human body. So how can magnesium help the skin? Firstly, if magnesium is deficient, it lowers the levels of fatty acids on the skin and reduces elasticity and moisture in the skin. Secondly, and more importantly for our tweens and teens, magnesium is also known as an important chemical in immune function and plays a roll in reducing acne and breakouts, it helps with skin allergies and collagen function.

So why not try to help the skin from the inside out? Instead of masking the symptoms, treat the cause of the problem for better results.

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